Sylvia Leong

Mostly a writer | Also a therapeutic personal trainer

I’m a published urban fantasy author, therapeutic personal trainer, and passionate environmentalist living with my husband in a cottage in the sky, amid the Canadian rainforest.



Hello there. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet!

Each morning—pyjama’d and tousle-headed—I pull my laptop onto a couple of stacked pillows, and pen non-fiction for an hour or so. Then I switch to writing urban fantasy marinated in romance, history, environmentalism, and LGBTQ+.

When the clock ticks to mid-afternoon, I tug on my personal training tights, walk to the gym, and help my clients with their health … whilst listening to their secrets and gathering ideas for stories. Muahahaha! Identities camouflaged of course!

It all started in grade three. I’d finally reached an age where it was permissible to take home as many books as I could carry from the library … for free! I was ecstatic! This fuelled my obsession for story, eventually compelling me to write. The various writing courses at Cap-U, SFU, and UBC paved the path, but really, the hours of practice made the difference.

My daily walks completing errands, surreptitiously peering through people’s windows, and searching for fairies amongst the bracken provides me with boundless opportunity for amateur photography.

The City of North Vancouver—past and present—and the surrounding ocean, ravines, and mountains serve as inspiration for my uplifting stories about myth and magic.