After working for over 39 years in civil engineering, project management, and property development sectors, I am now retired from the 9 to 5 working routine. Or that’s what I thought!

I joined Hub Pages in November 2011 thinking that writing online will help fill in that free time. Despite the hours spent researching and writing and going to the gym for my yoga and cardio exercises, the urge to work again was strong.

So by early 2013, I was back to the 9 to 5 working routine! Some people say I am crazy, but that’s what keeps me happy.

It also gives me the creative ideas on what to write on HP.

My interests are varied. Hence, you will find my hubs on engineering, health, travels, cooking, on Asian cultures etc. Hopefully, they are all noteworthy articles with good tips that will benefit others.

All photographs on my Hubs are my own unless stated otherwise. If you want to use my photos, please provide a link back to my page and use it under a CC-BY, via Hub Pages statement.

Thanks for dropping by.